Airport Jobs in Allahabad – Apply for Graudate, Diploma/Degree & 12th pass jobs in Allahabad Airport

Airport Jobs in Allahabad – Apply for Male/Female jobs in Allahabad Airport. Find the latest UP Government Jobs and Airport Jobs in Uttar-Pradesh. Allahabad Airport Job Vacancy for 12th pass. Click here to find Private Jobs in Uttar-Pradesh.

Airport Jobs in Allahabad – Apply for jobs in Allahabad Airport

In fact, most of the people who prefer to travel to the State of India prefer getting into Airport Jobs in Allahabad. This is mainly because it has got an airport that serves all travelers and the place offers great facilities. Walk in Interview Jobs in Allahabad.


But before one can get into Airport Jobs in Allahabad, he/she must know the basic requirements and this will provide you with the best experience. You should look for two things – the availability of Airport Hotels as well as good restaurants. In fact, if you don’t have a hotel or restaurant on your list, you can avail of a room at a local hostel.

Jobs in Allahabad Airport 2020

Jobs in Allahabad Airport for 12th, Graduate, Diploma Degree:– Urgent Airport Job Opening at AIRPORT for Ground Staff- Customer Service Associate- Reservation & Ticketing.

 Allahabad Airport Ground Staff Job Description

  • Airport Ground Staff must have the ability to handle the situation in every condition along with diplomatic Abilities, the flexibility of attitude, great communication, and organizing skills which are the most essential qualities needed for Airport Ground Staff as they spend much of their time in interacting with air passengers.
  • Knowledge of more than one domestic and foreign languages can prove an added asset for an Airport Ground Staff as he has to meet people from different regions knowing different Languages.
  • Airport Ground Staff must possess a calm and friendly personality, ability to handle people and their belonging to pressure conditions.
  • Above all Airport Ground Staff must possess good health, energy, and stamina for working long and irregular hours as they are responsible for every little work of the passenger once they are landed.
  • Age- 18 to 35
  • Qualification- 12th any stream followed by Diploma, Graduate or PG Diploma course.

Salary – Rs 250000.00-600000.00 Lakh/Yr

 Allahabad Airport Cabin Crew Job Description

  • You will need excellent communication skills in order to understand and see to your customer’s needs, especially in the case of an emergency.
  • Cabin crew needs to be dedicated to excellent customer service as their main role is to provide a comfortable and safe experience for their passengers.
  • Cabin crew members need to work together as a team to make sure that all passengers are looked after and comfortable.
  • Numeracy skills are useful for handling money.
  • In the case of an emergency, it is essential that cabin crew have the ability to remain calm.
  • The ability to deal with a range of people in a polite but firm way is important in such a confined working environment.
  • Age- 18 to 25

Airport Jobs in Allahabad: -Air-Ticketing job Duties

Ticket agents greet airline customers, help check baggage, and assign seats on the aircraft. This role involves a large amount of customer service as well as lifting larger bags onto the belt behind the counter. These airline representatives are responsible for handling ticket reservations, cancellations, alterations, and informing customers when a flight has been delayed or canceled. Even under stressful conditions, a ticket agent is expected to maintain a well-groomed appearance and a polite manner. The type of uniform is usually dependent on the airline. The ticket agent is also expected to be able to stand up for hours at a time and frequently lift between 50 and 100 pounds of luggage.

Airport Jobs in Allahabad: Job Qualifications

A high school diploma is necessary to get a job as a ticket agent, though a two-year college degree is generally preferred. Basic computer skills and experience in customer service are usually necessary and some airlines may require experience with a foreign language. Most airlines have a minimum age requirement of 18 to 20 years old. Schedule flexibility is helpful, and overtime and holiday work is typical. Drug tests are usually mandatory prior to employment and a background check by the FAA is also likely.

Age- 18 to 35

If you are interested in this job please drop your cv on this mail id- [email protected]

Contact no- 8376871489

If you do not have the right hotel or restaurant, you can always search for one online. The online process is quite easy and it will give you many options to select from. You just need to check out the basic amenities like the cost, availability of other travelers, types of food, and the rooms available.

Once you have found the right options, you can book it. The booking process for Airports can be very easy and it will not take you much time to make the deal. Some hotels and restaurants may need car rental services.

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A good travel guide would also help a lot on the journey. These guides can easily help you in making a choice of the right hotel and restaurant in the right location. There are many hotels and restaurants in Allahabad, so it’s very easy to find the right place.

Airport Jobs in Allahabad is a wonderful place and it is one of the famous cities in the State of Kerala. It is located on the beach in the bay of Mettupalayam. So the place is full of life and there are many reasons why people from all over the world choose this place for their travels.

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